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I was moved to write this:

Why The Beatles on iTunes Matters

It’s rare that I’m on the irregular side of a geek argument, but when it comes to the Beatles, I almost always sway the side of the fab four.

Today, Apple announced that the Beatles have arrived on iTunes. People are saying that this is anti-climactic.

That’s insane. Today marks the spiritual ending of 20 odd years of intense legal tension between Apple (computer) and Apple (Corps). Apple is called Apple because Steve named it after the record label set up by his favourite band.

Yes, that Steve, and the band was the Beatles. Apple fans often find it hard to understand why other folks aren’t excited by a new announcement or a shiny new gadget. If you’re underwhelmed by the Beatles announcement, then you now know how to put yourself in the shoes of people who don’t “get” Apple’s tech.

Loading the Apple homepage just now made me draw a breath. No other band in history consistently innovated, both musically, and in terms of pushing recording technology together.

For me, no other band consistently produced such complex music, that was so accessible to anyone at first listen.

Refined, simple and accessible, yet complex and innovative at the same time. Does that sound familiar? Make no mistake, this is a big deal, and a huge day.

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