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I am delighted to discover this:

Twitter social graph methods

Twitter's social graph methods, launched last month, are the secret sauce behind Qwitter. Up until yesterday, when I implemented these methods in the app, I had been mocking them by using round robin to loop over the many thousands of Qwitter users, paginating through hoards of data just to extract the user IDs of followers.

Now I can get all the user IDs of someone's followers in just a single API call.

This is big news not only for Qwitter, but for any app that is doing things with followers lists. No more are we restricted to the 100 per page limit that was imposed before ( plus the unecessary bloat of getting latest status, screen name etc.

The good news is that I can now say that Qwitter should be able to maintain a decent bit of reliability, at least up until around 250k users. We're not quite there yet.

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