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I worked on this:

Release of railsplugins.org — An Exercise in Pragmatism

Back in October, a couple of folks from the engineering team at Engine Yard got in touch with me about building a directory for plugins to declare compatibility with Rails 3.

The result is railsplugins.org.

Back then, Rails 3 was just around the corner, and the app was needed in double quick time. There was a long list of potential features. So much so, in fact, that I was quite overwhelmed.

Between myself, the Engine Yard team, and Brian and Rob, I think we did a good job for a first release. As it turned out, Rails took another two months to release, so we could have taken a bit more time to round out the app.

There's nothing quite like releasing early, and Yehuda released the app last Friday week. There were a few cobwebs that were quickly dealt with and we pushed out a few changes during the first week.

The wonderful Mikel Lindsaar is working on the project for a couple of weeks, porting it to Rails 3 and generally cleaning up the code. It's been so fantastic working with so many smart, clued in people who are close to the bone of where Rails is headed.

It's been such a privilege for me to work on something so prominent in the Rails ecosystem.

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