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I thought about this:

Push the Limits

I just had an awesome latté. I don't think it was too different from other lattés I've had. It's a rotten day in Dublin, so that might have added to it, but I think the real reason is this:

I've been drinking a lot of black coffee lately. I've found that black coffee is quite difficult to drink. Like any fine food or drink though, the more you drink, the more you appreciate it.

I enjoyed the latté more because I've been pushing my palate with stronger, ultimately more rewarding, but harder to drink stuff. I remember when I didn't enjoy lattés but kept drinking them until I did.

I've found that this is a common theme. Something that's tough at the beginning gets easier, and it's really easy to appreciate how far you've come by doing the things you used to find hard. It's important to keep pushing the limits.

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