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I 'm presenting this:

Presenting funconf — a conference on a bus, in Ireland

Last November, at JSConf EU, Eamon and I met a lot of people, with a very strong message: they wanted an excuse to come to Ireland.

We decided in December that we'd host an event. We figured the world doesn't need another general web conference and there are plenty of conferences for various technologies happening this year in Europe. Four alone for Ruby (that I know of).

We wanted something Irish. We wanted something with a bit of our personality in it. Basically, we wanted "Paul & Eamo"-conf Over the years, Eamo and I have hosted a number of folks in Dublin, whether it be a spare desk or a pub crawl.

We had the name, funconf, and related domain and twitter user, in reserve, after "announcing" it at the JSConf after party.

At RubyConf, I attended StartupCrawl. I got on the bus at the conference: it was a free ride back to San Francisco. It turned out to be a bus offering crawlers travel to and from a bunch of offices that had been opened as party spaces for the night.

"What about the cube?" said Eamo after a long day arguing about what we wanted funconf not to be. The cube was a party bus that frequented Dublin during the 90s on bar-crawls. Perfect.

And so, today, funconf is born. We basically want it to be a conference to remember. Once you book your ticket, you put yourself in our hands. All travel, food and drink for the day, and the party, as well as access to the bus(ses) will be covered. And there are only 70 places.

We're opening €250 registration for early-bird access today.

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