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I developed this:

My screencasting flow

I've been using Screenflow for the last few days to do some screen casts for a client. It's pretty good. Not perfect, but neater than Snapz Pro X.

I developed a pretty good flow, which I'd like to share. One thing I can't emphasise enough is the need to write a script. I tried doing voiceover and actions at the same time and it just ended up a mess trying to type and talk convincingly at the same time. Here's the flow:

  • Write a script based on the client's requirements. Guess at how long the action will be on screen to decide on how wordy each explanation should be.
  • Do the screen capture video with the script on screen. I kept mine in a narrow window along the right side of my screen. I glance at the script while I record the actions, trying to hear myself saying the words in my head, to keep pace.
  • Save the video and record the voiceover on a new track. In Screenflow, you can hit Apple-Shift-R to add a recording. You have to manually hit play on the controls to play back the 'cast.
  • You might need to tweak the script if it doesn't quite match the video. Try and keep the pace smooth, but don't be afraid of a gap every now and again.
  • Rinse and repeat

I can't emphasise enough how important it is to have a script. I'm constantly tweaking, tweaking, making sure the words are just right.

This flow would probably make a good screencast itself. I might do that some time. It would also make for a very neat presentation. *Adding to my list*

Made by Paul Campbell. paul@rushedsunlight.com. Twitter. Github.