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I co-organised this:

Ladies & Gentleman, I Give You Funconf 2 : A Conference in a Castle

Last year, as the ashes of the first Funconf were settling, I was coming down from that high you get when you organise things for other people and they fully embrace your crazy idea. One thing was missing though. We had originally planned to journey on busses to a variety of stops around Ireland. When our original plans were scuppered by the ash cloud, we scaled back.

One of the things we cut was a stop that we'd planned in "a castle". The castle was Lismore Castle. We had been down to visit the castle and I completely fell in love with it.

I started pitching people on the idea, and feedback wasn't just encouraging, it was very enthusiastic. "A conference in a castle? You had me at castle." We contacted the amazing castle people again, and before long, it was booked. Funconf 2: the conference in a castle.

Since we announced the current site earlier this year, we haven't added anything to it. We haven't announced speakers. We haven't fleshed out details. We've been lazy about blogging. We sold out with just a paragraph describing our rough plan. 80 of the best folks in the world have come to town. They don't know their schedule. They don't know our plans. They've already met some of the speakers without knowing : but everyone is so talented they could be speakers in their own right.

It's been amazing, flattering and gratifying to have this much trust. Last night, Whiskey March reminded me why it's so important to bring people together. This morning, two hours before Funconf is about to begin, there's no more organising to do. Eamon and I have lined up our ducks. It's going to be a fun weekend.

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