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I released this:

Ketchup is the business

Last January, I launched Ketchup.

It's only been nine months or so since I wrote the first line of code. Back then, it was just called "meetings"—a name that the source code repo retains.

Last month, I spoke at the Scottish Ruby Conference about releasing software. One of the points I made was to pick the "nine month point" to release—that's the point at which your software is at the development stage of a newborn ... immature but with lots of potential to grow into something great!

And so, sticking to my own advice almost too literally, nine months on, Ketchup v1 is released. It includes a free 30 day trial for everyone. There's an always-free plan, a €9 personal plan and a €49 plan for business.

We've also launched a new site: exquisitely designed to tell the "story of Ketchup" ... Check it out.

Ketchup has been such fun to work on, and I'm stoked to get this far. I'm really looking forward to the next 60 days. Of course, huge kudos go to the amazing Brian Flanagan for his wonderful design and insight.

There are lots of other people to thank too. Jan was a huge support getting the initial release out. And of course the NDRC for their helpful contribution with the Launchpad programme.

Thanks also go to the fine folks I've hired along the way: a lot of code in the app is Rob's, Pat and Till for their API wrappers, and recently Mikel for helping me get the latest release out.

And finally: thanks to everyone who signed up. You are all amazing.

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