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I offer this:

Irish? Want to go to Scottish Ruby Conf? Here's your chance!

I'm a huge believer in the power of conferences to inspire folks and to move whole communities forward (I think my last few posts of my talks attest to that.)

Last August, I bought two super early bird tickets to Scottish Ruby Conf, and promptly forgot that I'd done so. I've since picked up another ticket, so I find myself with a couple of spares.

I've spoken in the past about how I feel Irish developers are under-represented in general at international conferences, particularly the European ones, so I'd like to do something about that, in a small way.

Having spoken there last year, I can say that Scottish Ruby Conf is a really great conference, and the lineup this year is fantastic. Also: it's completely sold out.

Anyway, in the spirit of giving, and community, and money where my mouth is and whatnot, I'd like to offer these two tickets to two Irish Rubyists. I talked to my friend Jan about this, and he suggested I choose a guy and a girl who really want to go, but couldn't afford it, or wouldn't or whatever. I'd be willing to subsidise flights and accommodation too.

I'm not exactly sure of the kind of person to expect. Maybe you're an undergrad student, struggling in our shitty economy. Maybe you're a seasoned developer, unconvinced of the value of going to a conference. Maybe you're bootstrapping a startup. I have no idea. Surprise me. Convince me.

This is your chance: just email me at paul+src@hypertiny.ie with who are you, why you should go and why I should pick you.

In the spirit of Dave Thomas's RubyConf Keynote about encouraging more women in Ruby, my preference would be exactly Jan's suggestion: one guy, one girl.

So there you have it. Impress me, attend Scottish Ruby Conf. Go!

Depending on the response, I'll choose two people next Monday. The terms and conditions are: I call the shots, no purchase necessary. The conference is on the 7-9th April, so you need to be free then to go!

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