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I thought about this:

Dave Winer and ideas

I like catching up on Dave Winer's blog every so often. It's definitely a whole lot more than scripting news.

I like his thoughts on ideas in snowstorms ... the kind of moments I guess that James Webb Young promotes in "A technique for producing ideas" ... the snow storm (or whatever) jolts the subconcious mind to look at old ideas in a new light.

I also like the idea of Digg for ads ... I love being advertised to when a) it's a really exciting ad and/or b) I really want the product. I really hate it when a) The ad is awesome but it's some crummy product like fat-free yoghurt or b) it's some crappy thing and it's on the TV because the guy's cousin knew the station manager and a bit of Final Cut pro.

I also hate those crappy musical Halifax ads.

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